Distance Learning 2020

Please check your student email(@newarkunified.org) for detailed information about weekly assignments and updates.

Students with APEX accounts should be logging in and completing work on a daily basis. Please contact your teacher or Principal Calderon if you need login information or to request a password reset.

APEX Online Learning

Please look at the following list for your teacher’s name for Google Classroom codes and/or information about and links to assignments.

Bridgepoint High School

Coach Estrada

Bridgpoint Letter and PE assignment

Estrada’s Home Assignments

Ms. Francisco’s Google Classroom codes and Class information

Biology: 4ape3d3

Continue with assigned APEX coursework.

Earth Science: dj7fi5g

Continue with assigned APEX coursework

Mr. Tiano’s Class Information

Algebra: Catchup Math assignments

Geometry: Catchup Math assignments

Psychology: APEX coursework

World History:  APEX coursework

Mr. Wall’s Google Classroom Codes:

Government: exbx42y

Economics:  2dormjf

U.S. History:  rgadr2k

Ms. Smith’s Google Classroom Codes

English 4: 24re5dg

English 3: mtb4uby

English 1-2: qp6todt

Exploratory Art: wcd5st3
Mr. Handlin’s Goodle Classroom Codes
English Language Arts :  jxm3raf
World History:  xzox2nx
Economics:  izigrqr
Mr. Sung’s Google Classroom Code 
TALL Program:  6w3ygfa
Chef Roberts’ Google Classroom Code
MVROP Culinary Arts: x5daklg
Ms. Shepherd’s Google Classroom Codes: 
MVROP Business Professional Development 4th period: uujx3v3
MVROP Business Development 5th period:  obnjncn
Crossroads Independent Studies Program
Crossroads PE Information 
Google Classroom Code: 56ogsd3
APEX coursework
Ms. Francisco
Biology: APEX coursework
Biology Google Classroom code: hyl0hg5

Earth Science: APEX coursework

Earth Science Google Classroom code:  flz7bzw

Mr. Angelo’s Google Classroom Codes

English 1 & 2: nejykq2

English 3 & 4: 2jzmaas

Algebra: golevan

Geometry: g5mcrww

Art: m2rrxfq

Ms. Hodges’ Google Classroom Codes

GEOGRAPHY: rysmukx


U.S. HISTORY: 4y54fx5


SOCIOLOGY: prs5ae2

ECONOMICS: to4uodb