Individualized Learning Plan – Are You On Track to Graduate?

The School Counselor develops and shares (Google Sheet) a copy of the electronic Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) illustrated below with each student (grades 10-12) at Bridgepoint and Crossroads.  The plan includes graduation requirements for both Alternative High School Programs as well as Newark Memorial.  After the School Counselor transcribes the student’s transcript (credits only and not grades) onto the ILP (Current Credits column) it reveals the student’s current academic standing on the Credits Needed column.  A student’s current and projected courses are included in the Q1 – Q4 Courses columns while their projected credits are input into the Q1 – Q4 Credits column.  From this information we can accurately determine the correct courses and number of credits  a student needs for graduation from Bridgepoint, Crossroads, or Newark Memorial.  When information is entered onto the Alternative High School Diploma columns, it automatically populates the same information onto the Newark Memorial Diploma columns, so students can see what it would take to return to Newark Memorial if that was their goal.

When reviewing the ILP with each student, the School Counselor assists them in identifying their post-secondary (after graduation) goals as well as academic goals for each Quarter and what gives them confidence to believe they can reach those goals (Strengths) as well as obstacles that may sometimes get in the way (Challenges).

Parents are welcome and encouraged to receive a copy of this document and review it with the School Counselor.  Please email Mr. Baylon ([email protected]) with the email account that you have on file for your student so Mr. Baylon can share their ILP with you.